Exercise BikesThe trusty exercise bike remains one of the most popular and affordable types of fitness equipment and it’s easy to understand why. The stationary exercise bike offers an inexpensive way to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Exercise bikes are used to increase general fitness, intense training for cycle events and are more commonly used for physical therapy and rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery. Because of the low-impact, safe, and effective cardiovascular exercise it provides.


Exercise Bike Benefits

  • Convenience – The number one reason for buying an exercise bike is convenience. You can train whenever you want, however often you want, and all in the comfort of your own home. This means avoiding the unpredictable whether outside and staying safe. You may also not always be able to make it to the gym if you have a membership with one. In our busy modern lives, an exercise bike can be the perfect solution to all of these problems. Most of the general benefits of an exercise bike are related to convenience.
  • Simple to use – An exercise bike is simple to use at it involves a basic motion. Little or no practice is required for most users to get going. Goldscorultranon Gudisertomu Almost anyone that has full use of their legs can cycle, there’s very little coordination required and the weight bearing nature of the exercise makes it particularly easy on the hips, knees and ankles.
  • Do other tasks at the same time – You can depending on the intensity of your workout, do other tasks at the same time. This may include watching TV or even reading a book.
  • Low cost – When compared to other fitness equipment, exercise bikes tend to be relatively inexpensive. Elliptical trainers and treadmills for example are more expensive, when compared to a similar quality exercise bike.
  • Low Impact – Although the exercise bike may not burn as many calories as the treadmill short term they have a much lower impact on joints, ligaments and muscles when compared to using a treadmill.
  • Safety – Exercise bikes are also a little safer than elliptical trainers and treadmills. You may have heard of freak accidents of people falling of these; however such stories are unheard of on exercise bikes.

    All these benefits make the exercise bike ideal for anyone wanting to start a fitness routine, anybody recovering from injury to the future Lance Armstrong.

    Exercise Bikes are a fantastic way to build up cardiovascular strength and endurance, whilst remaining great for burning those unwanted calories. The possibilities are endless from long distance cycles, short intense cycles to high intensity interval training.


    What to look for in an exercise bike

    • Flywheel – All other things being equal, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother and less jerky will be the pedalling action
    • Recumbent & Upright Exercise Bikes – Upright exercise bikes place you in the conventional upright cycling position, whereas recumbent exercise bikes place you in a more conventional seated position, making these exercise bikes easier to mount and dismount along with having a more supportive seat with a back support these seam are more favourable with the older generation and are also great for first time exercise bikers. However, recumbent exercise bikes take up more room than the upright exercise bikes and are generally more costly for the same standard of bike.
    • Pedals  – Ideally peddling on a exercise bike should be silky smooth with the same level of resistance throughout the 360 degrees of pedal revolution, even at high resistance levels and out of the saddle.
    • Maximum workload – How much resistance the bike will give when pedalled flat out? Most bikes will provide in excess of 250 watts; experienced cyclists or the very fit will need in excess of 400 watts.
    • Console feedback and ease of use – The exercise bike console should be clear and comprehensive in the display monitor? With the access programmes (if there are any that is) easy to manage, with the exercise bikes control buttons clearly visible and easy to use. 
    • Bike Programmes – There are usually a variety of programmes simulating various hill and other random courses which allow you to create your own workout or by controlling your heart rate.
    • Exercise Bike Power supply– Most exercise bikes will use batteries as the only item that needs electric is the display console. Although some exercise bikes may use an alternate mains power supply. 
    • Riding position – The more adjustable the seat and handle bars on the bike are will make the exercise bike all the more comfortable during longer sessions. All bikes have saddle height adjustment; check whether the saddle or handlebars can be moved backwards/forwards too.
    • Saddle Comfort – The more padding the better, a well padded saddle will improve comfort on the exercise bike. 
    • Standard of Construction – check that the frames built predominantly from metal, the welds are tidy, the overall finish is good without sharp or rough edges and that the moving parts are adequately shielded from prying fingers. A solidly constructed exercise bike should also be stable and not flex or wobble, even when you’re out of the saddle, giving it some stick!
    • Exercise Bike Warranty – check the warranty with the dealer, especially if you expect it to receive heavy use. Some manufacturers now give more than the standard year’s warranty on bike frames and parts.


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